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Photos are here to revolutionize the way we communicate to the world. It would be no different in warehouse management. Pictures can improve the process of controlling and storing goods. Avilda's warehouse management solution brings this function easily and affordably.

You can effortlessly take or add photos to your order through our warehouse management solution. The access is also quick and easy, avoiding any bureaucracy or rework. This saves time and effort and new possibilities are opened up.

Goods' pictures can bring benefits not only to the operation of the warehouse but also to the relationship with the customers. They can have access to the system and view or add photos with complete independence. Providing photo capabilities at a glance can be a big advantage for your business.

Optimize your warehouse processes with security and simplicity!

How to do it

The goods may need to be identified by size, weight, barcode, and photo when they arrive at the warehouse. There are cases where photography is mandatory and is defined as an assignment to be done by the warehouse operator. The photo is taken on the cell phone using the software app and immediately added to the order. You can take as many pictures as you need. The size of the photos are small when viewed within the software, thus you will have no problems with memory or space on your device. The larger resolution of the photo can be accessed when necessary.

As mentioned earlier, other users can add photos. It might be important when a product of a particular size or shape arrives at the warehouse.

It is also possible to create a link to the photos of cargo and send it to anyone with Internet access. It prevents the photos from spreading to several places, such as e-mail or WhatsApp.

Damage signal

It is also possible to report any damage and in this case photos are required. Thus, the order will have a signal indicating there is a problem with particular goods.

You can find the photo of the damage by clicking on the icon

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