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About us

Avilda together with representatives of UAB Vilniaus Avilda and UAB Klaipėdos Avilda develops and implements software for supply chain management, ensuring that the necessary assistance is always closest to customers since 1993.
The company's employees have extensive experience in optimizing business processes related to freight forwarding, transportation and document filling, so they are able not only to implement software solutions but also to consult on how to optimally and efficiently organize related business processes, how to measure and improve their KPIs and increase the benefits for the company.

We have developed one of the most widely used tools for calculating customs documents and taxes in Lithuania - aviCUSTOMS.

Cooperation with accounting software manufacturers, computer, server and network equipment suppliers makes us a comprehensive partner for our customers to cover the entire IT solution implementation cycle.

Avilda in European Union

High quality

We follow European standards in the creation and management of our solutions


We have been in the supply chain information technology sector for 29 years

World class software

We have solid and high-tech cloud systems that enable you to be successful

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Company Code: 133881262 | VAT Code: LT338812610 | Address: Veiverių str. 150, LT-46391, Kaunas, Lithuania

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