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Logistics business management

Load management functionality

  • Orders management and control,

  • Trip management and control,

  • Partial goods transportation management,

  • Multilingual contracts with customers and carriers, billing, claims,

  • Your company templates for printing documents

  • Loads and transport offers management,

  • Transportation by rate management,

  • Claims management,

  • Bill payment control,

  • Reporting by managers, carriers, customers, etc.

Related systems:

Transport management functionality

  • Automatic trip segments planning,

  • Trip documents creation and printing,

  • Planned costs and trip timetable calculation,

  • Actual fuel consuption calculation

  • Daily allowance calculation,

  • Residual value, depreciation, leasing cost as trip cost calculation,

  • Vehicle availability calendar,

  • Tyre accounting,

  • Leasing payments accounting

Orders management via web functionality

  • Authorised customer connection,

  • The ability to see orders status,

  • The ability to see invoices status,

  • The ability to submit the orders for transportation of goods

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