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Invoicing can be one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of running a warehouse. Not only because it takes time to prepare and send invoices to clients, but it also requires tracking activities and determining its prices. Therefore, aviWMS has a feature that provides automatic invoice services.

Once you use aviWMS, the administrator or your finance department can automatically generate invoices for the services provided that month for each client. This calculation is not done manually by your warehouse anymore. It is automatically done by aviWMS based on the values of each activity previously defined by you. 

It makes the managing of your invoices much easier. There will be no more miscalculations and no more time spent calculating the sum of the work done.

​Automating any process has several benefits, especially automating processes that involve money and your customer's trust. Here are some of the benefits:


One of the most significant benefits of using an automatic invoicing is the convenience it offers. The work is no longer executed in a monotonous way and no longer requires extreme attention to details, such as prices or dates.


Once you decide the prices for each service provided by your warehouse, you do not have to do this action again. Unless you want to customise the value of some activity for a specific customer. 

Instead of spending countless hours manually entering services provided, automate the invoicing and save time that could be better spent focusing on other areas of your warehouse.


It ensures that all values and activities contained in the invoice are reliable and accurate, thereby reducing the chance of human error. 

It also ensures that your client will have the invoices on time, with no delays.


Once your customer recognises your high standard invoicing process, your warehouse becomes a reference in the logistics industry and stands out among your competitors.


Having a transparent charging process is essential to gain the trust of your customer. aviWMS allows your clients to check all the activities your warehouse has completed, along with the billing for each one, which justifies the final invoice value.


To sum up, this feature in your WMS offers a high level of accuracy and helps you avoid manual errors that can lead to costly mistakes. It ensures that all invoices are consistent in format, colour and branding, so that your clients get a professional-looking invoice every time.

Adopting aviWMS is an easy step that small, medium and big warehouses can take to improve their invoicing process. It is an efficient system that saves time, reduces errors, and presents a professional image for your business. By incorporating automated invoicing services, you can look forward to running your warehouse more effectively and with greater efficiency.

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