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Everyone knows the importance of the quality department in any company. It allows the routine in the company to be fluid and the service or product to be delivered with precision. However, how does quality control relate to the Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

The goal of the WMS is to improve the management of the logistics processes, resulting in the improvement of quality metrics. The aviWMS allows constant monitoring of all activities done and to be done in the warehouse. Monitoring the receiving and shipping process in real-time and tracking its historical progress are crucial for the quality department.

By automating many tasks, aviWMS allows the quality department to do less work while still being able to supervise closely. Therefore, a reliable WMS is necessary, with which you can be sure that no data will be lost.

Watch the testimonial of Anna Giedo-Dmytryszyn, Quality Manager at Abedik Drukarnia:

The WMS allows you to identify the cause of problems and avoid human errors. It also improves the distribution of tasks and automates functions.

Companies that want to increase the quality should adopt an efficient system for the logistics part. aviWMS has all the functions that a warehouse needs to work perfectly.

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