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Using aviWMS improves your warehouse in many ways since it can simplify tasks or even enable new business. One of the functions of our Warehouse Management System is to add to the system the information from GS1 Standard label. By the way, do you know what GS1 Standard is?

GS1 is a barcode format that can have several data such as the product code (GTIN), the product batch, the pallet code (SSCC), how many units of the product are on that pallet, the expiry date of that product and much more. These identification numbers prevent manual work and human mistakes.

This global standard was created in 1973 by a non-profit organization. Today millions of companies are members and adopt the standard in their shipments.

GS1 allows the exchange of data between different companies at the various stages of a supply chain:

GS1 Standard allows a common nomenclature between the supply chain, from the factory to the consumer

Communication can be a big obstacle when the pallet circulates through different countries. Fortunately everyone speaks the same language with a universal barcode which enables companies to expand their business to other nations.

aviWMS identifies and understands the GS1 Standard automatically after reading the barcode. Thus, it adds decoded information from barcodes to the system without the need for lengthy manual work. Barcodes are no longer just numbers but valuable information for the warehouse and supply chain.

Mistakes are likely to occur without a technology that reads and interprets the GS1 Standard. If a warehouse operator registers a wrong number in the system, it can have consequences for the entire supply chain. aviWMS allows all the information from that pallet to be incorporated into your system accurately.

Our WMS also allows you to create GS1 Standart labels from scratch. On aviWMS you identify the product reference number, define the size and text on the label, create and print the label and finally put it on the pallet. All this is done with high quality and respecting international standards.

All those functions help you to reach new business as there are many manufacturers and speditions that only accept to work with warehouses that adopt the GS1 Standard. It is time to open new doors! Get to know more about our software and understand how this can be your competitive advantage.

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