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JavaScript Developer 
Kaunas, Lithuania

How we work

Discover our values and work culture. Here is the right place for you to learn, grow and develop. It's time to unlock your potential!


What we do

We have been in the market for more than 30 years. Our experience has led us to develop very efficient working methods.


Read some testimonials:


Aušra Sinkevičienė

"I have been a Full Stack Developer at Avilda for over 5 years. Being a woman and a Developer has never been a problem. All the professionals at Avilda trust me and my skills to develop outstanding projects."


Justas Dabravolskis

"Working at Avilda means endless growth. In my role as a Full Stack Developer, I constantly upgrade my skills while applying my knowledge to exciting projects. It has been an amazing way to start my career."


Natalia Fernandes

"It always looks like the right decision when I relocated from Brazil to Lithuania to join Avilda. The team and the city of Kaunas have made me feel very welcome as a foreigner."

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