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Muitine - cutoms system


Using this tool you can create and send to processing servers such customs’ documents:

  • export (MDAS),

  • import (MDAS), 

  • entry / exit general declarations (MDAS), 

  • temporary storage general declaration (MDAS), 

  • transit (NCTS) general documents, 

  • CARNET TIR posts (NCTS).

Related systems:



  • create Intrastat form reports,

  • create specified reports,

  • print report forms UPS-01, UPS-02,

  • create XML document,

  • submit the report via internet

Customs warehouse


  • customs warehousing,

  • temporary storage of goods in customs warehouse,

  • simplified customs warehousing,

  • free circulation goods storage,

  • storage of goods in the customs terminal,

  • storage of goods in a open warehouse

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